Reducing Emissions With a New Kind of Fuel

July 11, 2013 admin

Having a generator at home is a great way to power electricity when a storm hits. A lot of areas get hit with bad storms that can knock the power out for days at a time. You might deal with a bad rain season and get hit with hurricanes or you could live in an [...]


Finding Alternative Fuel Choices for Your Vehicle

May 22, 2013 admin

Finding cleaner and more sustainable ways to power your vehicle is an important concern for many drivers, especially those that are seeking to create a greener lifestyle. The economic and environmental issues that gasoline and other fossil fuels are creating are not an issue to be taken lightly. Learning more about hydrogen powered vehicles, and [...]


Using A Hydrogen Generator On Your Vehicle

March 30, 2013 admin

You can dramatically increase your car’s fuel mileage and lower your exhaust emissions by hooking up a hydrogen gas generator to your engine. To do this, you will need a hydrogen generator, a bubbler and some one-quarter inch vacuum tubing. Open your hood and look for a suitable area to mount the electrolyzer and the [...]


Hydrogen: The Future Fuel

December 28, 2012 admin

Building or buying a hydrogen generator is a useful way to generate green energy from Earth’s most abundant element. Hydrogen is the lightest and most readily available molecule on the planet. However, because hydrogen is so light, there is virtually nowhere on Earth that we can directly source hydrogen gas. The gas dissipates too quickly [...]


How You Can Create Your Own Alternative Energy

July 5, 2012 Uncategorized

A hydrogen generator is one of many natural ways to power parts of your home. A hydrogen generator uses hydrogen as a fuel by either splitting the water molecules into two parts, hydrogen and oxygen. Alternatively, hydrogen generators work by splitting some type of fuel (propane, gasoline, etc.) molecule into carbon and hydrogen. Hydrogen generators [...]


How Alternative Energy Will Save You Money

July 1, 2012 Uncategorized

Alternative energy requires some initial investment but the long term benefits are a lot more. These energy sources are generally renewable and they last for a lifetime. There are a few methods which can be implemented in order to save money. Solar panels are the most famous alternative energy sources throughout the globe. There are [...]


The Benefits of Using a Hydrogen Generator

June 28, 2012 Uncategorized

Hydrogen generators are highly useful in vehicles. They make an already efficient vehicle even more efficient. The best part about deciding to use a hydrogen generator is that it is definitely a green option. A hydrogen generator can reduce your emissions by as much as 98. You will be able to be one less person [...]


Should You Invest in a Hydrogen Generator?

June 24, 2012 Uncategorized

Investing in a hydrogen generator is not something that people think amount much. People might ask just what a hydrogen generator is. It works by separating hydrogen from oxygen in water. Then the gas that is created can be used in applications, in which a normal generator could do. So companies that invest in these [...]


Hydrogen Generators: The New Source of Power

June 22, 2012 admin

Hydrogen power is the newest eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. As with most green choices, not only is hydrogen power better for the environment, it is also better for your vehicle! Hydrogen burns differently than the gas we normally use. Your oil will last longer, meaning fewer oil changes. There will also be less wear [...]